Wild Eye / Photo by Fally Afani

Ross Williams gives us a shift in his artistry with the beautiful, quiet Mandalas I & II. Under his Wild Eye moniker he previously released the psychedelic folk EP, Wild Lies, and really turned up the volume as a member of the raucous No Cave.

On his latest effort, two tracks of soft strings and whispered vocals, Williams is the cool rain pattering on the windows. Gorgeous opener “Bits & Pieces” acts as a song of transition; an anthem of changes (“Oh, what do I know?/Bits and pieces/Oh, what do I know?/I am new to this”).

“Come With Me” lets an electric guitar dance over the peaceful strumming; a stranger in the wilderness. Not unwelcome, just unfamiliar, and the excitement of a new element. Whether or not this is new direction for Wild Eye, it is certainly a lovely one.