Folklore Suburbia / Photo by Fally Afani
We tend to like young punk bands that talk shit from the stage, which is probably why we’re more fond of Folklore Suburbia than we should be.

The Lawrence punk rockers have just a handful of shows under their belts, but put out a pretty stellar album last year that shifts between punk, surf, garage, and (at times) ska. You can even get a sense of some very (VERY) early Green Day in there.

There’s something likable about their nervous apathy, and the frontman’s squirrelly little voice is easy to warm up to. They’re the very epitome of a young punk band. They hate the police, they dream about space ladies (and their “space titties,” as they made it clear on Friday night at the Jackpot), and even the old crusty rockers will recall portions of their youth in Folklore Suburbia.

Here’s a clip of them performing their song “Space Ladies (From Outer Space)” on Friday:



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