It looks like Lawrence is finally getting that industrial act the scene’s been itching for.

A few weeks ago, rockabilly maestro Joel Bonner put his work with The Bootstompers on hiatus in order to rebrand himself with a new project. This Summer, he started leaking tracks for his new industrial and electronic act, Serene Fiend. It takes a lot to put on a good show with an electronic band (to make sure the audience isn’t just watching someone push a set of buttons). So he teamed up with guitarist Jade Rose, who absolutely shreds, for Serene Fiend’s debut show at the Replay on Tuesday.

Bonner put his own extraordinary guitar skills on the back burner for this project. In its place is an explosive stage presence, which is not surprising considering his larger-than-life performances with the Bootstompers. While donning skeleton gloves (this image will likely be used a lot in his merch and promotions), he shamelessly rocks a drum track under his powerhouse vocals, though we don’t think it’ll be long before the live band fleshes out.

We have full confidence in Joel Bonner’s abilities. Honestly, he could’ve started a polka band and we still would have been wowed. His fearlessness to explore a genre that doesn’t always appear in the Downtown scene is refreshing, and we expect Serene Fiend to steadily grow to an exciting live show.

Here’s a snippet of what they sounded like on Tuesday (and you can listen to his recorded tracks here).



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