It’s been a while since we last checked in with the Wild Woman of Warrensburg, and it turns out she’s still raising hell.

Molly Gene One Whoaman band was just one of the acts booked on the Lawrence Arts Center’s free street party Friday evening (she was also joined by The Quivers, The Mad Kings, and a host of young acrobats with The Last Carnival). True to her name, the one-woman act was a sight to behold. An all-ages audience (complete with teetering toddlers) couldn’t help but get down as she brought her gritty bluegrass to the outdoor stage. With her boot tassels flying, Molly Gene beat that kick drum into oblivion. With a throbbing and steady beat to back her up, she kept her fingers sliding all over her guitar throughout the entire of the night.

Memorable moment of the night: Molly Gene, who is surrounded by dancing children at this point, says in the most deadpan voice “Here’s one for the kids, it’s called roofied and ripped off!”