To call Kwame Boateng a fan of anime would be an overwhelming understatement. The local rapper looks to anime for a lot of inspiration in his work, and even makes a reference to it in his onstage-name, KD Kuro (Kuro is Japanese for black, and the D references one of his favorite series, “One Piece”).

You’ve likely seen Kwame front and center at a lot of shows. He’s a lover of local music, and makes the trek from Kansas City to Lawrence to support anyone from Ebony Tusks (pictured above) to Psychic Heat. The only thing he loves more than the local scene is anime, which is what he turned to for his latest track, “JAGAN (Evil Eye)”. He just released the single ahead of his show at the Jackpot on Saturday. “I was watching one of my favorite anime, YUYU Hakusho, and the character Hiei is my favorite, kind of a tough guy character,” he says. “So I kinda wrote from the mindset of a badass out to show the world my fire, that I have my third eye open for those out there trying to stay in my way.” You can hear what he’s talking about when he says “You know when I see you, I’m running right through you, my fire it stay lit, I’m burning all of you.”

You can listen to the track below, and see him at the Jackpot this Saturday.



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