As if you needed any more reasons to love The Phantastics, we would like to present our complete adoration for one of the band’s vocalists: Leigh Gibbs.

This woman is out of this world. The Phantastics are one of the funkiest bands you may ever get down with, and Gibbs’ vocals are the backbone that hold it all together. The singer is so sassy, so strong, and completely sensational. Every member of this band has such a wild personality. There’s the guitarist with big curly hair that jumps around a lot! There’s Kemet the Phantom, the most dapper of all rappers! There’s even a guitarist who appears with crazy ghost makeup! But Gibbs is absolutely a powerhouse. She is everything we love, and really ties all the songs together. She keeps it upbeat and awe-inspiring, and is someone who will always get down and groove with you, as she did at the Replay on Friday.

On that night, The Phantastics opened for AZP— a Nebraska-based band that’s equal parts soul and rock. They’re the type of band that will be grooving right along, then BAM! They hit you with wicked guitar solos, brah. They had an incredible smoothness about them, but at the same time were so full of life that they got the whole place dancing (and quite vigorously). One of the vocalists even jumped into the crowd and danced right along with them.

You can check out photos from the event below:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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