If you were at the Replay at any point this weekend… how are you feeling? Chances are, you’re a little sore.

For two consecutive nights, the popular venue lived up to its punk reputation when a slew of brutal bands blew through in celebratory fashion. Friday night saw Red Kate’s album release show for “unamerican activities” with local mischief makers Stiff Middle Fingers and ExtraOrdinary. Even Red Kate outdid their own reputation with such an exhaustingly wild show that, at times, some members of the band had to play while laying on the ground.

The following night saw Colorado’s Gomorrah, a metal band with spikes up to here, destroy what was left of the venue after Young Bull ripped through their set (Young Bull’s cover of “Ace of Spades” tends to leave a trail of damage in its path). Although we missed Altered Beast, whatever casualties were left came limping in to seal the deal on a completely wicked night with an alcohol-fueled set from Gomorrah. But no matter how thrashy, punchy, and slippery the night got, every song ended in hugs. Because metalheads.

Here is a random selection of our favorite maniacal-filed photos from a weekend of ruckus at one of the most notorious venues in the Midwest.

Words and photos by Fally Afani

Here’s a bonus video of Stiff Middle Fingers doing what they do best: bothering people downtown.



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