In this scene, The Sluts are doing a good job of staying in the spotlight.

Late last year they headed into the studio to record a full-length album. Since then, they’ve been tearing through both the Lawrence and Kansas City music scenes and getting a fair amount of airplay on radio stations.

Lawrence is already fond of this band, but the frenzy seems to be growing in Kansas City. We walked into the Spoon show at the Midland last month, and discovered random fans donning Sluts shirts chatting excitedly about the band. When asked what they liked about the duo, the consensus amongst all these fans was the same: The Sluts just make good rock music.

On Sunday they opened for The Offspring in Kansas City and released their new full-length album. But you can listen to the sludgy single online. Listen to “Summer Song” below, then catch The Sluts at Lawrence Field Day Fest. They’ll play the Jackpot stage at midnight on the Friday of the festival.



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