You really couldn’t have painted a prettier sky than what popped up on Friday evening. The drizzle rain clouds moved out and just hung in the pink and yellow atmosphere, framing all of Lawrence. You could see it perfectly from the corner of 8th and Mass. But that wasn’t the only sign of Spring in Downtown Lawrence.

If anything signifies warmer temperatures here in Larryville, it’s buskers. Specifically, the cajun-creating party procurers spearheaded by Barry “Washboard” Barnes, Tommee Sherwood (on accordion) and Michael Bradley on guitar. You’ll see these three on the corner conjuring up all sorts of excitement as long as the temperatures are warm. On this night, however, they were joined by a horn section and a juggler. So you can imagine the malarky that ensued.

Not only are these guys lively, releasing yelps and horn honks into the air throughout the evening and occasionally joining in on dance parties started up by onlookers. But they’re also fantastic socialites. It’s fairly common to see folks in the crowd strike up introductions and conversations with each other. There’s plenty of time to do so. Your’e likely to see the buskers on your way to dinner, then see them continue to rock away on the corner by the time you left.

If you missed them this week, don’t fret. They’ll be around all summer and most likely at The Lawrence Busker Festival May 29 -31.

Words and photos by Fally Afani