Well, now. This is gorgeous.

Late Tuesday night, Bonzo Madrid cautiously posted a brand new tune up on his soundcloud page. Everything the man behind Bonzo Madrid, CJ Calhoun, does is taken with a step of caution. He announces shows last minute, he posts new music late at night. But really, there’s no need to be shy. The tracks, simple harmonizing over lush and rich guitar effects, are easy to fall in love with. If you’ve seen him perform live, then you’re already familiar with how comforting his songs feel and how the thick sounds wrap around you and fill every space of the venue. It sort of feels like a warm bath at the end of a rough day.

Enjoy this new track, titled “Mausoleum.” Be sure to catch him at the Replay on Friday, March 27th, with Spirit is the Spirit and The Philistines.



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