“I’m here to play really sad love songs.”

That’s how local songwriter Andrew Ashby opened up his solo set at the Black Luck Valentine’s Ball on Saturday.

Valentine’s Day isn’t necessary for the perky and puppy loved. It’s also a time for the heartbroken and lovesick to come together and wallow. Enter Ashby, who (at the moment) is on a solo voyage after The Caves.

But it was hard not to fall in love with Ashby’s style that night. The crooner impressed over rhythmic plucking with his oh-so-soft falsettos. It was fairly alluring. He retains a likable energy onstage despite lyrics that are saturated in sadness.

“I got a real fucking sad one,” he’d say between songs. “I’m going to follow that really miserable song with a real miserable song.” It was his own mellow way of getting more zealous throughout the night.

Ashby won’t be alone onstage for long. He has plans with one of his older bands, The String & Return. Keep an eye out for that on the horizon. But for now, we’re selfishly enjoying having him all to ourselves.

Here’s a solo rendition of “Overnight,” filled with those likable falsettos we mentioned earlier:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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