If you’re looking to be transported to a different time, simpler times with greasers and cat-eyed women, look no further than The Quivers.

This Kansas City outfit will rock you to your very core and never look back. This is dangerous rockabilly. The bassist has a boisterous onstage presence, and will absolutely slay you with those rough-around-the-edges vocals. The keyboard player’s fast fingers roll from end to end, and the guitarist guts you with a mean solo in every song. The musicians in this four-piece are also snappy dressers, head to toe.

But you can leave those poodle skirts behind. Or better yet, trade them in for some blood-red lipstick and heels to match. This is not the band you bring to the sock hop, but it is the band you go see when you feel like getting dirty.

Here’s a clip from their Saturday night performance at the Replay, when they covered Bo Diddley’s “Roadrunner.” Be sure to check out their upcoming album, an affair they’ve been working on for more than a year.

Words and photos by Fally Afani