“How many of you have tasted your own blood?!” This was how Rob Schulte, one half of BaioWolf, introduced their Replay set on Friday.

BaioWolf is normally fairly loud and aggressive in their comedic rap stylings, but on Friday night they were in fine form. They pulled out all the stops and truly went off the rails.

The duo named for their two favorite Scotts had now become a trio (no word on how long this will continue). They started off their set with what can only be described as rabid and randomly placed screaming into the mic while their new drummer interjected here and there. “We make up for our lack of skill with loudness!” proclaimed Sean Wilson. The screaming was possibly the loudest they’ve ever produced. BaioWolf had truly turned it up to eleven.

What’s lovely about this act, though, is their loyal fan base. They can go through changes or keep up the same appearance, and they’ll still get a wild and brazen response from the crowd. On this night, BaioWolf was not as physically in the crowd as they used to be (they’ve been known for frantically pacing back and forth in the dance floor area during the entirety of their set), yet somehow they were even more interactive and engaging with the audience.

Here’s a clip of a popularly recognized song from the group, but with a drummer now added to the manic mix.

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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