The Whatever Forever label/collective/homies in Lawrence are sitting on a goldmine of talent. If there’s a new act you’ve been drawn to in Lawrence, chances are it was born out of Whatever Forever.

The label has been known to grow, nurture, and support acts such as Your Friend and CS Luxem. They’re not shy about their artists, either. We’ve seen performances from Oils, Karma Vision, and Your Friend peppered in throughout the Lawrence and Kansas City area, and it seems that you can’t throw a rock in this town without hitting a CS Luxem performance. Just in the last two weeks alone, he has performed at several venues, studios, homes, and (of course) a record store.

Over the Summer, CS Luxem and Oils conducted a lengthy (two-month) U.S. tour that started on one coast and ended on the other. The creativity among the artists swelled to epic proportions, and was evident at their Lawrence shows post-tour. Oils’ Andrew Frederick promptly started a solo act, Beaded Hall, which experimented heavily with loops (no doubt a side effect from working with the loop master himself, CS Luxem).

The collective calls SeedCo home, which is a perfect match for these creative minds. That means every Final Friday, you’re treated to some of the town’s best talent over at the East Lawrence Arts District. But if you can’t wait until Final Fridays, you can head down to the Jackpot this weekend to see what the label has to offer. Karma Vision, Plains, and CS Luxem will all take the stage for I Heart Local Music’s October showcase on Friday, October 11. You can RSVP to the event here.

Be sure to check out the free download of this Whatever Forever compilation. It’s a real treat for your musical pallet, and an excellent snapshot of the thoughtful and provocative music coming out of Whatever Forever.



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