If modern times bother you and you often find yourself yearning for the days of noire, look no further than Kansas City’s The Late Night Callers.

The band is sleek and sexy with their tales of good girls gone bad. Stylish silhouettes pose perfectly behind their instruments, giving you about as much naughty fun as you can get from a band without a drummer.

The men in the band are quite dapper, and the seductive women look like they’re up to no good… almost as though they’re playing the guitar or holding a mic with one hand, and grasping a murder weapon behind their backs with the other. We’re particularly fond of the lively organist, who is a ball of energy with the skills to match.

Here’s a peek at what they can do for you the next time they play Lawrence:

The Late Night Callers at the Bottleneck from I Heart Local Music on Vimeo.



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