Wrath and Ruin
If you love metal AND science, then you’re in luck.

Local metal monsters Wrath and Ruin put their already impressive talents to good use by mixing a voiceover from Carl Sagan with their instrumental “Sedna,” from the album “Mouth of Oblivion.” The Sagan expert comes from his book, The Pale Blue Dot.

The five-minute track features the soothing wisdom of the world’s most treasured scientist over the deep, intense, and synth-heavy music of Wrath and Ruin. The result is mind-warping and even a bit depressing. It reminds us of the loneliness that comes with living on this planet with lines like “There is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save ourselves. Like it or not, the earth is where we make our stand.”

But in true Sagan fashion, he leaves us with a bit of inspiration and encourages us to “cherish and preserve the only home we’ve ever known.” Thanks for the reminder, Wrath and Ruin!

Enjoy the video below.



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