We experienced a lot of memorable moments at Liberty Hall’s 100th anniversary party with The Flaming Lips and Deerhoof. Here are I Heart Local Music’s top ten favorite moments we caught on camera. You can always view the full gallery here.

1. When Ashes To Immortality was finishing up their set outside, this man took his girlfriend to the front of the stage and got down on one knee in front of everybody. The entire audience cheered when she said yes. We couldn’t verify whether it was an authentic proposal or not, but it was still fun to watch everyone’s reaction.

2. We saw several colorful costumes and coordinated outfits at the show, but the top prize has to go to these gals:

3. Flaming Lips drummer and Lawrence native Kliph Scurlock hit a high note with the audience. Before the show he briefly appeared onstage and received cheers and a round of applause. He later came out at the end of Deerhoof’s set to join them onstage while wearing a Lawrence Public Library shirt.

4. We’ve never given much thought to the confetti (and the mess that comes along with it) that we usually see fluttering about at Flaming Lips shows, because the band tends to play outside. But seeing the same show inside a venue was a different experience. The oversized, confetti-filled balloons bounced around audience members, and generally only popped when they were stabbed by the chandeliers at Liberty Hall.

5. Speaking of balloons, this was a very memorable moment. We’ve seen a few Flaming Lips shows in our day, and we heartily look forward to the portion of the show where frontman Wayne Coyne crawls into his Wayne-sized hamster ball and walks all over the audience. But because we were in such a unique venue, he got the chance to bop and bounce right on over to the balcony folks. Never in our entire lives have we seen a performer go straight from the stage to the balcony at Liberty Hall. It was a sight that got some audience members leaping to their feet in an effort to reach out and touch Wayne.

6. Also, that ball is filthy now. It used to be really easy to gaze right on through it, but naturally the ball has gotten a little sticky after touching more than a few hands over the years. Despite the glossiness, you could still see Wayne grinning from ear to ear as he rolled towards you.

7. Lasers are cool.

8. The dancers that performed at the outside party later peppered themselves into the audience for the Flaming Lips set. They strengthened that outdoor-festival atmosphere inside the legendary venue. One dancer had a large fan, and made the rounds fanning sweaty and exhausted concert-goers in the audience.

9. This chicken kind of hung around the doorway and startled us. Every time we tried to take a sneaky photo of it, it would stare straight into the camera.

10. We found Waldo.


Don’t forget to check out the full gallery here.



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