Stiff Middle Fingers let their stiff middle fingers fly during their mostly punk covers set at the Replay on Thursday night. The lead singer jumped and crawled all over the inside of the venue. He was like a hyperactive little monkey, scaling the booths and getting all up in your business. They got Descendents heavy before encouraging everyone to come out to the upcoming Lawrence Field Day Festival.

The Blind Pets were easy to love not just because they were wonderfully loud and screamy, but because they shit-talked Missouri good and proper. The guitarists arrived with a massive amount of pedals, while the frontman flung his guitar around constantly. Sometimes he shot it like a gun, firing bullets of rock into the crowd. His energy and spunk never died down, and he would sometimes kick about the stage. A band that puts out that much energy and plays with that kind of heart even for the smallest of Thursday night crowds deserves mad respect.