On Friday night, the Replay went to hell.

Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket is the one-man experimental electronic/metal creation from Victor Polanco. The thrashing extremist is equal parts bouncy electronic and doom and gloom metal. The muscly performer kicked off a night of dark rock at the Replay.

The venue had grown extremely full and overflowing with sweaty, agitated people by the time The Devil went on. The audience LOVED The Devil and their sultry battle cries. The band is full of gorgeous women (and one dude) oozing talent and confidence.

The naughty night ended with a rousing set from The Sluts. The band was new on the scene in 2011; but less than a year later they nearly pack a venue. Judging by the lead singer’s growls, he’s getting angrier and angrier onstage (and it’s getting people good and riled up). The drummer is growing increasingly fun and bouncy during the songs (as is evident at 2:14 in the video below), which counteracts those oh-so-angsty lyrics. It left the indoor audience in a sweaty, headbanging mess, which is better than the angry and pushy mess that much of the crowd had succumbed to outside.

With a set like this, and with bands sporting names like “The Sluts,” The Devil,” and “Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket, it’s no wonder folks were so hot and bothered at the Replay on that exceptionally humid night. The place was just asking for a mischief and a full night of sin.

Enjoy the mini photo gallery below.