It may have been a combination of a gorgeous sunny day and the holiday weekend, but we’ve never seen a more chill show at the Granada. Best Coast and Jeff the Brotherhood treated a pastel-clad and sun-kissed crowd to a night of rock on Sunday evening. Sibling duo Jeff the Brotherhood opened with their fuzzy (and at times a bit psychedelic) rock. The intimate set continued when Best Coast took the stage in support of their latest album, The Only Place. Much of the new album is a bit slower than their last project, and they showcased several gorgeous surf songs from the record.

Best Coast shows tend to be pretty laid back and conversational at their shows. We were over the moon when Bethany Cosentino brought up something that happened at their last show in Lawrence. When Best Coast played Liberty Hall as part of Garage Fest in 2009, they pulled a very young fan up onstage to play with them. It was a very touching moment, and Cosentino was more than happy to talk about it on Sunday night. It’s pretty admirable that someone who sky-rocketed to fame so quickly remembers a little moment like that, and can very easily bring it up three years later. The reason we were so happy that she told the story is because we were there, and video taped the heartwarming event (video below). We were humbled when she tweeted it and posted it on her blog the following week.

Enjoy a photo gallery from Sunday night’s Granada show.

Words, photos, and videos by Fally Afani.



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