The cover of Cheap Beer. Art by Kenneth Kupfer.


Replay Records “Cheap Beer” Release Party – The Jackpot
This is the first of a two-night event that celebrates the release of “Cheap Beer,” a record that boasts some of the finest (and loudest) acts in town. Garage bands in Lawrence have not only become more numerous, but are also upping their game by offering a bounty of fantastic live shows to the scene.
Friday night’s show at the Jackpot will feature Mouthbreathers, Der Todesking, Spook Lights, JabberJosh, and Dry Bonnet. $10 will get you a copy of the album, a digital download and entry into the next night’s show across the street at the Replay.




Fag Cop / Rooftop Vigilantes – Love Garden
If you don’t have the cash to cough up for the Cheap Beer release party, they are holding a small event in conjunction with the release at the Love Garden.
Fag Cop and Rooftop Vigilantes will play the early show at 6:00 p.m. Rooftop Vigilantes are currently recording a new album, so expect loads of new material. You can also expect a lot of Lawrence-centered lyrics in their songs.


Major Games
Replay Records “Cheap Beer” Release Party – The Replay
The “Cheap Beer” release party ends in an all-out party at the Replay on Saturday night.
Major Games have been fine tuning their performance in recent weeks, which means you will most likely lose your hearing by the end of the night. Nature Boys and Muscle Worship will also play.

The Will Nots / Antennas Up / The Phantastics / Forest of Luxury – The Bottleneck
For those of you not interested in noisy garage rock, The Will Nots will be bringing their smooth sounds to the Bottleneck on Saturday. They’re currently hard at work in the studio, and will be leaking a new song or two at their show. Expect funky grooves and baby-making music.
They will be joined by Antennas Up, The Phantastics, and Forest of Luxury.
To check out the rest of the concert calendar, click here.



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