It’s hard to contain the excitement when talking about Capybara. Just last April, the boys from Kansas City landed the opportunity of a lifetime when they served as Daniel Johnston’s backup band at Middle of the Map Fest. The moment was pure magic, and everyone felt the electricity in the air. But now, they’ve got another reason to celebrate.

The album art for Dave Drusky
Capybara will be releasing their much-anticipated sophomore album, Dave Drusky, on February 7, 2012. We haven’t seen them very active in the local scene lately, and it’s because they’ve been hard at work on this new album.

They just released a song off Dave Drusky, and it already exceeds the musical standard they’ve set for themselves. They’ve mastered the art of layering catchy sounds that will last with you throughout the day.

The song is called Late Night Bikes, and it may already have you anxiously counting away the days until February 7.

Late Night Bikes by therecordmachine



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