Performances from Kansas City-based band The Devil don’t happen too often in Lawrence, but when they do it’s a sight to behold.

The (mostly) female band’s frontwoman is one of the best screamers and wailers in the area. She’s recently ditched the big drum up front in favor of more headbanging, backed by a dirty, droney bass and wicked guitar solos. It’s enough to make any good girl go bad.

Speaking of bad girls, the band’s hardcore fans (we’ll call them “Devil Worshippers”) are just as entertaining. I’m not sure where they come from, but they come out in droves, clad in tight, busty leather jackets, ripped stockings, and red lipstick. At one point in the night, one of these fans threw herself onstage during one of the fuzzy guitar solos and remained there until the end of the song. There’s a never a dull moment when you dance with the Devil.

Here’s a clip from their most recent Replay set:



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