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Half of Westerners started a new band called Mace Mouth, and boy are they rowdy

We really didn’t expect this much rage to come out of a brand new act, but we shouldn’t be that surprised. Half of Westerners (the


Lawrence feels the Bern with Arc Flash / CS Luxem / Westerners / La Guerre

Lawrence was definitely feeling the Bern on Wednesday as a group of musicians got together to raise money for Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. There was


Watch: Westerners rock the Jackpot

Mark my words, Westerners will be one of the hottest bands around this area in 2015. This is a band that has done well more


Photo Gallery: The Sluts / The Noise FM / Westerners / Chambers

Saturday night at The jackpot brought a powerhouse lineup of ear candy by the likes of Chambers, The Sluts, local boys gone Chicago The Noise


Introducing: Westerners

We’ve had a hunch for a while about Westerners, and it turns out we were right. This is a fairly new band to Lawrence, and