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How to smash the patriarchy in rock and roll, according to Vedettes’ Heather Lofflin

In Lawrence Field Day Fest's fourth year, we noticed a dramatic surge in women on the stages of the rock festival. We counted every single
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Photo Gallery: Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 2

It was very clear from the start that Day 2 of Field Day Fest this year was for the rowdies. You had WIDES over at
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Photo Gallery: SXSW Bound, Night 2

The final night of “SXSW Bound” somehow manifested into a bigger event than the night before. Five bands from five genres in the scene played


I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” set for February 12th and 13th

It seems like every year, Lawrence is blessed with new acts that make stunning new impressions. Next month, we’ll be bringing some of those acts

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The Coathangers deliver vigorous performance at the Jackpot with Arc Flash / Vedettes

There are bands that have forgotten how to have fun, and then there are Coathangers. These three punky garage rockers are entirely likable and very

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Photo Gallery: Federation of Horsepower / People’s Punk Band / Vedettes

Photographer Leroy Pristach caught the rager at Frank’s over the weekend with Federation of Horsepower, The People’s Punk Band, and Vedettes. Photos below.