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Photo Gallery: Folk Alliance 2017

One of the first things you notice is the sound. Upon entering the Westin, a grand and spacious hotel in Kansas City, you hear mandolins,
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Watch: The Roseline at The Gaslight

Anyone who indulges in an Autumn show at the Gaslight is usually treated to some of the better folk and bluegrass in the area, all

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Photo Gallery: The Delta Saints / The Roseline

The Delta Saints brought their larger-than-life stage presence to the Bottleneck Thursday night. Lawrence was more than happy to dive head-first into the raging riffs


Watch: The Roseline at Love Garden

After getting delayed a couple of weeks (Royals, cough cough, Royals), The Roseline finally celebrated its reentrance into the scene with a new album, Townie.


Watch: The Roseline at the Replay

The Roseline wrapped up their most recent tour with a fantastic welcome home show at the Replay on Saturday night. The audience was treated to


Photo Gallery: The Hips / Approach / Dry Bonnet / The Roseline

On a sunny Saturday evening, scores of local music fans packed into a basement lined with mattresses for one of the most rewarding house shows