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Master of Fun: Fantastic Negrito and the striking art of storytelling

Fantastic Negrito / Photo by Fally Afani Every song tells a story, but Fantastic Negrito's songs tell stories that are larger than life. When the
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The Top 10 Most Badass Things We Saw From Touring Bands in 2016

2016 was really just the pits, wasn’t it. We lost Bowie, we lost Prince, we lost democracy. BUT in Lawrence, we lived up to our

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Public Enemy took it to the streets at Free State Fest

It may have been the best block party to hit Downtown Lawrence in recent years. The partiest party of the summer began with locals sprinting

Split Lip Rayfield delights fans with free outdoor concert

Friday night felt like one big celebration in Downtown Lawrence. Just about every block had some sort of party, concert, art event, or busking jamboree


George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic bring ultimate Summer Soirée to Lawrence

You can go ahead and list this under one of many “only in Lawrence” moments. In what had to have been THE best summer soirée