Alferd Packer Memorial String Band

Genre: Old Time String Band with Augmentations Members: Lauralyn Bodle, Noah Musser, Matt Kirby, Steve Mason, Mike Yoder Website: Formed in 1979 in Lawrence,


Watch the Alferd Packer Memorial String Band interpret a Kansas favorite

“We like to do songs about science. But first, we’re going to ironically do a song about Kansas.” This line from the dulcimer player for


Lawrence celebrates Pi Day with the Alferd Packer Memorial String Band

There’s nothing better than a wacky Lawrence tradition, and what better way to celebrate all things weird than a made up holiday. On Saturday, with


JabberJosh PowerPoints you in the right direction

As if their sets weren’t already over the top in terms of humor, JabberJosh has now started adding more elements to their shtick. The brotherly


Photo Gallery: I Heart Local Music Showcase with BaioWolf / Destroy Nate Allen / Something and the Whatevers

Comedy was the name of the game Saturday night at the Jackpot. After a full weekend of the Busker Festival, Lawrencians enjoyed a night of


Destroy Nate Allen finds new home in Kansas

Destroy Nate Allen may be one of the wackiest acts you’ll see all year. They’ve toured through the area before, but now you can call