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Photo Gallery: 2017 Spring Into Summer

In what's become an annual tradition, the Replay hosted a myriad of local acts to celebrate warmer weather and the departure of the student population

Photo Gallery: Cowboy Indian Bear / Cloud Dog / Soft Reeds / Paper Buffalo

This weekend saw the return of one musician’s annual birthday concert extravaganza. Cowboy Indian Bear’s Marty Hillard hosted a four-lineup show at the Bottleneck that


The boys of summer: Cloud Dog / White Denim / O Giant Man deliver entrancing set at the Jackpot

I cannot remember the last time I saw such a large turnout at the Jackpot with so many unfamiliar faces. But with a lineup like


Watch: Cloud Dog at the Jazzhaus

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a sweaty, shirtless, drum-filled extravaganza, which is why Cloud Dog seems to thrive in the summer. When the


A hot hoopla: Mammoth Life, Cowboy Indian Bear, Cloud Dog entertain at the Jackpot

On Thursday night, Mammoth Life, Cowboy Indian Bear and Cloud Dog braved a muggy venue to bring a night of dancing, sweating and celebration to