95 Sweet Bird / Photo by Fally Afani
We don’t see a lot of indie bands here anymore (if you told that to us ten years ago, we would have gasped and clutched our pearls), but we are seeing a lot of indie supergroups forming here in Lawrence. There is an instantly recognizable sound that defines that Lawrence indie scene, and it seems to intensify when certain musicians come together. 95 Sweet Bird does this with Jeff Stolz on organ, J. Parr on drums, Heidi Gluck on bass and vocals, and James Thomblison on guitar.
95 Sweet Bird / Photo by Fally Afani
With Parr on drums and Gluck’s magnificent vocals at play, we get songs and arrangements riddled with three-part harmonies (and if there’s one thing Stolz is known for, it’s his knack for harmonies). That signature sound is allowing him to build upon the style he’s already been diving into with his other project, Frightened Stag.
You can catch 95 Sweet Bird with some other indie heavyweights at one of two New Year’s Eve sets at the Replay. They’l be at the matinee featuring fellow supergroup Luxem, Sauders, and Dixey and J. Evan Herd.



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