Jangly, angular guitars shimmer and shine on the new record from The Harrisonics. Love Songs For All Occasions starts with snappy, pop-driven rock songs that have a lot of fun. Every note bursts with energy and the fun the band is having is infectious. Even titles like “Useful Buffoon” and “Trailer Court Goth Girls” cause a chuckle before bopping your head along with the tunes. The entire A side has a light charm to it and lets the power pop elements shine.

The band swerves on the back half of the record, hitting the gas with a much more raucous and rambunctious collection of arty-punk, attitude laced tracks. “Failed Assassin” slams guitars and drums in your face. “I Picture You Alive” takes a drunken tempo with a lightning bolt riff crackling in the middle, while “Heartworm” buzzes so much your skin can feel it. The Harrisonics like to keep the pace quick, but breathe on the six minute “Small Town Romance” and the extended outro jam of “Shitheart.” It’s a cool breeze for the hot days.

Favorite Track:  “That’s The Thing (I Was Telling You About)”



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