Radkey / Photo by Fally Afani
One of the best rock and roll bands to come out of this region just wrapped up a unique kickstarter campaign. After triumphantly coming out of a spat with a record label, Radkey was ready to make some changes. That included releasing their sophomore album, No Strange Cats on vinyl.

The band successfully ran a kickstarter campaign to press 500 copies of the translucent yellow 150 gram vinyl. But one of the best surprises was inside. Donors who threw down $50 or more got to have their cat featured in the insert. Fans delivered, and a massive kitty collage got shipped out with the vinyl. Many of the cats belonged to local musicians (because musicians LOVE cats), and we even spotted a Love Garden cat nuzzled in the CDs.

It’s no surprise that Radkey loves cats. Their feline friends flood their social feeds, and they’re brought up during every interview we’ve done with the band. When they’re on tour, fans will even bring gifts for their cats to the show. 50 years ago, rock bands on tour got booze and sex. Radkey gets cat toys. We don’t think any band out there loves cats more than Radkey.

You can click on the image of the kitty collage above to enlarge it. The records quickly sold out, so if you missed out, you can give the tunes a listen below.



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