A quiet intensity surges throughout Twin Rivers, the subtle, buzzing four track EP from singer/songwriter Adam Scott York. “What I Need” begins with gentle guitar and layered vocals, with a hum quietly building underneath the surface. The slow-burn intensifies on “Keys in Hand” though a jauntiness appears in it’s lively approach. York’s voice becomes a whisper on “Close the Door” with the haunting lyrics about putting a needle in his arm to, “Lift my head in hopes of seeing something new/And pray to heaven that it turns out to be true.”

This has all been leading to his magnum opus: the nearly eight minute closer “Clockwork.” Percussion naturally blend into the mix, with a drone creeping alongside the delicate guitar. It’s once York’s voice becomes so soft it almost dissolves into the song that “Clockwork” then bursts into a glowing gorgeous epic. Twin Rivers then quietly, beautifully floats on.

Favorite Track: “Clockwork”

Twin Rivers from Adam York on Vimeo.



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