Kansas Public Radio’s Big Band Christmas / Photo by Fally Afani

Folks, we are just two weeks into December, and Liberty Hall is already winning the holiday season. They kick-started the month with Festival of Trees, then quickly ushered in the Holiday Hootenanny. But over the weekend, the holliest and jolliest event of them all took over the venue.

Kansas Public Radio gave Lawrence the ol’ razzle dazzle on Saturday when it threw its annual Big Band Christmas. If you’ve never been, it is an absolutely delightful site. With Christmas decor scattered about, an enormous jazz band filled up nearly every square inch of the stage. The horns gleamed under the bright lights, brought up in full to highlight the busy activity amongst the musicians. There was just a mere barrier of festive poinsettias, dotted with twinkling lights, separating them from holiday revelers.

Kansas Public Radio’s Big Band Christmas / Photo by Fally Afani


It feels like half the town showed up dressed to the nines and cutting a rug. The event, which sold out fairly quickly, attracted only the finest of our fair town. The place was just packed! There were so many people in attendance, that they danced anywhere there was space. The main floor in front of the stage was the “designated” dance area, but people were dancing in the halls, the aisles, even in front of concessions! You really couldn’t make your way across the venue without bumping butts with someone (the Tush Push, if you will).

With all the beautiful sequined dresses, silk blouses, and perfectly pressed suits, the affair felt like being transported to a different era. It was all just so glamorous— and in an age of “ugly Christmas sweaters” and Santa-themed bar hops, don’t you just miss a little holiday glamour?

Photos from the night below:



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