JC and the Nuns / Photo by Mike Wade

After a change-up at lead singer, JC & The Nuns are back with their sophomore EP God Did Weed. That’s not the only difference though; there’s a shift in attitude too. The schtick is still here: nun habits and a holy leader, but the tone is more serious (despite what the song titles suggest). There’s a creeping drone that drives the album: squealing guitars (“Blazerus”), hypnotic drums (“Judas Is A Narc”) and haunting screams (“Let Daddy Wash Them Dirty Feet”) all over a layer of eerie feedback. The psychedelic rockers have ramped up the goth element; songs are tighter but have a stoner appeal at their heart. A different level of enlightened.

They have risen.

Favorite Tracks: “Blazerus” & “Judas Is A Narc”



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