The trio that is Tokeback Mountain have cut their teeth making infectious, rowdy rock ’n’ roll in multiple Lawrence projects (including hall of famers Baiowolf, the criminally underrated and much missed Dry Bonnet, and JC & The Nuns) with a sophomoric sense of humor. I mean their name is fucking Tokeback Mountain. So after a silly call-to-arms intro, they hit the ground at a full sprint with wild yelps and screams, crunching guitar, and thunderous drums that never ease up on the walloping they deliver. Understanding a word of what Sean Wilson is yelling with a thrashy bellow is nearly impossible, but that doesn’t stop you from giving yourself whiplash while moving with the tempo. It’s a wild one for wild times; a twisted trip that tests every limit it comes across. And usually blasts right on by.

Favorite Tracks: “Hypermart,” “Sacred Bullshit,” & “baby got mountain”



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