For many of the performers onstage at Liberty Hall on Friday night, the immigration crisis hits home. Some of the musicians are direct descendants of immigrants, others have a long and supportive relationship with RAICES. The organization, which stands for Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services, provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrants detained at the border. Set against a visual backdrop provided by artist Grace Chin, Making Movies, Maria the Mexican, and Mr. and Mrs. Dodge all belted emotional ballads into the air in support of the cause. Lawrence loves to get involved with political issues, and this affair was no exception. There’s no site quite like Maria Elena Cuevas clutching her guitar with one hand, and making a fist in the air with the other while yelling “Close the camps! End family separation!”

Cross Border Network was on hand to help transfer funds to RAICES, but you can always donate online. You can also follow along with Sanctuary Alliance’s efforts to make Lawrence a sanctuary city here.



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