Friday’s Replay show was one of those nights where every single act on the lineup knocked it out of the park.

Lawrence got one of their first doses of The Black Creatures, a duo who can do it all. Sporting a superb energy and a vocalist who uses every inch of the stage that’s available to her, they exuded charm and had a knack for keeping the audience’s gaze fixated on their every move. This was a dance of opposites— they could rap and croon, you heard delicate keys but also throbbing bass hits. Altogether, with a backdrop of jazz-infused hip-hop, they were instantly likable and unforgettable.

NuBlvckCity / Photo by Fally Afani

NuBlvckCity is sure to be the region’s feel-good band of the Summer. The group sported a powerhouse trio of vocalists, including Love, Mae C., They Call Me Sauce, and Kartez Marcel. Along with a very alluring saxophone player (God, Lawrence LOVES a good sax man), they provided nonstop delights as they dabbled between all the genres within their power.

Y God Y closed the night with one of those sweaty, high-octane dance parties. Electronic dance music is enjoying a great revival in Lawrence thanks to the synth-heavy group. With a wild and unruly frontman and a hot-and-heavy type of audience accompanying his every move, these dancers in the dark made for a memorable release show for the band, lit only by the projections dancing across their bodies.



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