The Spring issue of I Heart Local Music Magazine comes out this week. We wanted to point out a few details.

The entire issue comes in anticipation of International Women’s Day, which is next week on March 8. The cover story, “Sisters in Solidarity,” focuses on women and non-men in the music scene who also work as activists. Additionally, to keep with the Women’s Day theme, every album review and story centers around music acts fronted by women and non-men.

The entire publication was also put together by a team of women, including our new advice columnist. You can read her hilarious and hyperlocal excerpt in “Help Me, Rhonda: Advice on life from someone who isn’t dead yet.” Yes, she is taking your questions for further issues. You can email her at [email protected].

You can pick up issues this week at Love Garden, Wonder Fair, and (as always) various venues/coffee shops on the Black Lives Matter Solidarity List.