We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Pale Tongue just released an ass kicker of an EP.

Careful with your computer clicker– this self-titled EP immediately dives into a throbbing state of anarchy backed by crashing drums and dizzying guitars on “King in Yellow.” The heightened state of panic returns for “Odyssey” and ends as startlingly as it blew in on closing track “Atom Splitter.” A proper album review is coming soon, but the EP (which you can listen to below) needs to be on your radar as your head into the weekend because every time we think psych rock might finally be on the way out in Lawrence, a band like Pale Tongue reels it back in.

You can pick up their cassettes, saturated in “Goblin Green,” at their upcoming release shows. They play Friday at miniBar in Kansas City, and Saturday in Lawrence at Haunted Kitchen.