Not a lot of Lawrence musicians are willing to tackle the daunting task of creating a heartbreaking approach to ultra poppy music, but Micha Anne is up to the challenge. On The Petty Experience she starts off asking the listeners to “experience me.” She’s a performer who has always been upfront about her black trans identity, and she storms this EP without inhibition right off the bat. The painfully honest lyrics behind “Daddy” play over strings before a brief intermission with “Tongue Pop.” “Girl, your tongue pop is like the trans mic drop,” she sasses before really turning up the attitude on “Pettiness.” This is the song where female frustration comes into play. “Pettiness is all I have to show the world we’re fucking mad,” she declares. “Medusa” rounds out the EP with a bittersweet reflection into what it means to be experiencing the world the way a trans woman does, as she notes in her song. “I’m just a girl living in the world, trying to be heard, trying to survive without getting hurt.”

The overall tone of The Petty Experience is devotedly poetic, as well as fitting for Micha Anne’s next appearance. She’ll be both speaking and performing at the International Women’s Solidarity Event this weekend at the Train Park (Watson Park). You can catch her, along with a host of other local musicians, on Saturday.



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