Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type / Photo by Fally Afani

It’s easy to adore Rachel Mallin. As one of the more enthusiastic and lively performers in Kansas City, Mallin turns heads with her guitar skills. She can shred, but she can also slow it down for sensual and funky numbers a la the Purple One. On Saturday, she summoned her grooviest maneuvers and covered Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” which absolutely thrilled the crowd. Now, yours truly is a straight gal. But her rendition of this song damn near had me (and everyone else at the venue) fainting like a Southern Belle and weak in the knees. We wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had thrown their panties at the stage.

And, because the rest of her songs deserve attention, we highly recommend checking her out online. Her power vocals backed by her band, The Wild Type, means no missteps in their live shows. This band’s potency puts an infectious energy in the air that can easily work the crowd with even the slightest tap of a cowbell.

You can see Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type again on Saturday, March 24, at the Replay for the Girls Rock! Fundraiser.