As promised, the weekend before Halloween turned out to be an outrageous affair full of costumed mayhem. Local musicians pulled out all the stops for both their outfits and performances– and though there was a variety of styles, bands that coordinated their getups were the most memorable. Lovergurl, from Kansas City, dressed up as the witches from Hocus Pocus and went the extra mile by starting their set with an a cappella rendition of the eerie tune in the film. Wendy Moira paid tribute to hair bands with an exciting visual display, Young Bull (who always nail their Halloween look) went as “Young Bug” (check out guitarist Jamakee Blackburn’s impressive homemade larva costume), and Gnarly Davidson channeled Spinal Tap for a fantastic finish. You can see photos of what local musicians at White Schoolhouse and the Replay wore on Saturday below.



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