I have seen God.

I have been born anew by the cleansing waters of heaven! In the lair of a devil– amidst the screams of his demons– I have found new meaning. In the presence of a god, I witnessed his works, felt the warmth of his light, and when the heavens opened and fell their tears of life upon my face my heart became engorged with his spirit, my body eviscerated by his grace, shattered to millions of pieces then made whole again by his words; “Alright, who’s tired of fucking around?”

I stood witness as the demons did then squeal with pain. His healing words simultaneously calling forth the great abyss to swallow fast all of my transgressions. My sins were siphoned from my soul as an anteater does the hill.  Only the most metal of hearts may stand and be cleansed. To survive is a rite of passage… a test I did not know I was to take. A test I still stand un-worthy to have passed.

I am forever changed. I will carry him with me for all remaining days. Mike Patton is God, and God spat upon me last night. May he spit upon us all.



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  • Cynthia Jones, September 21, 2017 @ 6:34 pm

    Never wash that area off…

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