The most highly-anticipated Field Day Fest in the history of the festival couldn’t have had a more nerve-wracking start. Right as the bands were set to kick off the festival at Greenhouse Culture (aka the old Masonic Temple), the city blew a transformer and half the businesses on the block lost power. Then, to make matters more unnerving, the sky turned black and a storm rolled in. But, three hours and a few Westar trucks later, the venue was up and running and Field Day Fest was in full swing.

The first day had such a diverse lineup, starting with a band that focused on educational songs about Presidents and Geography (Electric Needle Room) and ending with a band that pushed gender norms and tucked barbie dolls into their bras (Vibralux). There was a heavy Kansas City presence thanks to bands like Emmaline Twist and Bird Girls. But true to its reputation, there was a regional presence as well. Oceanside Hotels rolled in from Topeka, and both Headlight Rivals and Philosophy of Lions made the trek from Manhattan. As the night went on, the rain let up and revelers fully embraced the cold front after a week of high humidity and heat advisories. This restored everyone’s pluck just as rowdier bands (we’re looking at you, Vibralux and Gigantic) rocked the stages. By the time AZP, a Replay favorite hailing from Nebraska, went on, the venue was full of dancers and hip-shakers.

You can see photos from the first day below. Field Day Fest continues Friday with an outdoor stage at the Granada (full schedule here).

Photos by Fally Afani, Ailecia Ruscin, and Andrew Johnston.



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