Music moved through generations at the Bottleneck last night as the Kevin Devine tour passed through Lawrence. Devine, who has toured as an opener for The Get Up Kids, had his show open with Iris Hyde and Lily Pryor (daughter of TGUK’s Matt Pryor). The duo played acoustic Americana with delicate harmonies and hope.

Petal took over from there, with frontwoman Kiley Lotz reminiscing about playing her first show at 16 and applauding the young women for carrying the torch. Pinegrove kept the energy high and pure with their pretty rock sound and harmonies around every corner.

Devine has been warning us for years of the danger of apathy in the world. If you’re feeling disenfranchised or disappointed in the tenor of our national situation, Devine has the music to spring you to action. His show was no different, a display of support, anger and change.  Never disappointing, always emotional and, all of a sudden, extremely timely.



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