They used to say that in the movies, they have leading ladies and they have best friends. Kathryn King is the type of artist who can play both.

The Lawrence songwriter is versatile enough to pull it off. She channels her inner Lisa Loeb to offer emotionally comforting songs while drawing out her own narrative. She played a solo set at the Replay Wednesday night, but more recently she played with a full band at her EP release show (give the EP a listen below). She unloaded loads of new songs while performing solo, confidently, and alone.

King is a proper songwriter that demonstrates a delicate maturity so many listeners yearn for. We’d recommend taking the night off, locking yourself in your room, lighting some candles, and enjoying a bra-free evening as you wrap herself in her tranquil and encouraging songs. Her vocal range and beautiful falsettos are impressive– and they were demonstrated in a well-received Frank Ocean cover she pulled out towards the end of the set (video below).

We see King as a serious musician (she dabbles in other acts around town) who will most likely build up a strong backing band as she continues with her craft. She would pair well with Jessica Paige (of Kansas City) and La Guerre.

Words and photos by Fally Afani