The second installment of I Heart Local Music’s Fall/Winter showcases brought a lively trio of bands together and helped shake the rainy day blues Friday night.

The night began with some tall strangers mulling about dressed as Presidential candidates. But suddenly, the masks were ripped off revealing members of the People’s Punk Band (in suits, no less!). They stormed the stage in their skinny ties and proceeded to do what they do best: assault the air through a series of kicks, punches, and guitar thrusts while displaying impeccable stamina and a timeless punk sound. The liveliness of this band helped perk up an already saturated and rained-out audience. By the time they got to the Misfits covers, crusty punks emerged out of every dark corner of the venue to storm the stage and sing along.

Here’s a new song they wrote detailing their feelings for the NRA:

The show fell the day before Halloween, which meant plenty of people were eagerly sporting their costumes a day ahead of the holiday. Not to be outdone, the musicians in Dean Monkey and the Dropouts continued their tradition of coordinated costumes by dressing up as what we can only describe as bros. The polo shirt collars were popped, the band doo-wopped, and a large crowd of revelers grooved and danced throughout the set.
Take notes, everyone. This is how you close out a night. Bruiser Queen stormed the stage in banana costumes, swaying glittery capes, and a look of conviction in their eyes. The St. Louis duo is adored by many in Lawrence, and not even the nonstop rain could keep them away. The band’s guitarist sports the very essence of shredding. There’s nothing that’s off limits for this musician with a backbone that was built in the rock scene. The garage rockers bring the guts and glory every time they grace the Replay, and it’s hard not to cheer them on. By this point in their careers, many in the audience know the band’s lyrics and enjoy shouting them back at the duo. The zealousness Bruiser Queen has perfected is downright admirable and fairly potent. If you’re not in the mood to dance or thrash along, that will most likely change before the guitarist even gets her leg propped up on the drum set and dips her guitar ever-so-slowly to the ground.

Here’s a number that, once you get past the dreamy intro, had the audience in a tizzy. If there’s a band that could give Best Coast a run for their money, it’s this one.

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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