Here’s the best thing we’ve seen at SXSW so far.

Sweet Spirit took Cheer Up Charlie’s by storm Tuesday night with a set loud and colorful enough to rival Peelander-Z. The extravagant lineup boasted several members dressed in bright, solid-colored spandex numbers. Guitars, horns, and even a playful tambourine beckoned all booties to boogie.

Every single musician in this band (and there were many) was outstanding. Not one person let the momentum of this high-energy and poppy set drop, not even for a second. Even the harmonizing vocals were on point.

Sweet Spirit is a spectacular band that can let your imagination go wild. You would have thought they invented the very notion of partying, considering how swiftly they conjured one up on the dance floor. Those happy hooks from the guitarists were downright infectious, and no one was immune to the dancing. The audience featured an array of fans from various backgrounds all coming together in an extravagant get-down.

The band hails from Austin, and has really only been around for a year (although members have been busy with other projects in the past). They’re currently celebrating an EP release, with a full-length to follow this fall. You’ll get the chance to see this absurd party in person when they play miniBar on Tuesday, April 21st.

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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