The Replay was oh-so-romantic on Friday night when Mr. Arthur Dodge was joined by his lovely wife onstage. The audience for the early patio show indulged in a cool breeze and a host of soft, swaying folk tunes from the couple.

Mrs. Dodge has become somewhat of a local celebrity lately after opening the insanely popular LadyBird Diner in Downtown Lawrence. Mr. Dodge was quick to address this. “I did not think this through!” he exclaimed. “The food that used to be in my belly and my kitchen is now no longer in my belly or my kitchen.” Oh, husbands. Amirite, ladies?

Despite the friendly jabs, watching two people who are quite fond of each other perform onstage can be quite calming. From the very moment they started playing, the two kept sneaking glances at each other. Mrs. Dodge, with a drink casually dangling in her hand, comfortably sang gorgeous harmonies with her other half.

Here’s a little number we’re fond of:



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